20 Windows Phone Apps For Bloggers

I love technology, it’s always advancing, and in today’s world there are apps for just about everything.  Bloggers can now manage their daily activities from their device, which makes on-the-go blogging possible if you have all the essential apps.  They are all out there, you just have to be willing to find what works for your lifestyle.

nokia lumia with key in it to unlock windows phone apps for bloggersThe Follow 20 Windows Phone apps for bloggers are worth downloading.  Most of them are free, and will make your on-the-go lifestyle and blogging easier.

WordPressI’m going to admit I don’t use it often, I would rather type of post from my laptop, but when I need it I know I have it, and it works.  I do get a little frustrated when I use it, but it’s because I have not used it enough.  For the most part I will approve comments while waiting in the airport, or sitting in the passenger seat, but that’s about it.  It really is a great app, but using WordPress is easier from your computer.  However, if you ever need it you will be glad you have it.

Twitter – If you didn’t tweet it, it didn’t happen.  Twitter is a great app, runs smooth, easy on the eyes, super easy to use, and does what it promises!  It’s also my favorite price, Free!

Pinterest – I’m going to admit it took me a while to get on board with Pinterest, but after making myself start pinning I have learned it’s a valuable business tool.  Okay, and you can find some GREAT ideas on Pinterest.  Now I use it to find ideas for my house, as well as a business tool.  The interest app for your Windows Phone does what it promises, and I’m sure you will enjoy pinning from your device.

Foursquare – I’m sure you are familiar with what Foursquare is, and how to use it.  The Windows Phone apps works great, I have used it for a while now and never have any issues with it.  This is a great app, I use it often.

Vine – That’s right Vine finally has an app on in the Windows Phone Store, it’s free and works fabulous.

Instagraph – Yes, you can find Instagram in the Windows Phone Store, but I personally prefer Instagraph.  It feels like it runs better, and there is tons more editing options.

Facebook – You need to be on Facebook, and that’s pretty much that.

Flickr Central – I use Flickr to store all my pictures, and this app allows users to upload all their mobile pictures to their Flickr account automatically.

LinkedIn – Yes you can even find the popular LinkedIn in the Windows Phone Store.  It’s no surprise you will want to add it to your collection of apps with more than 16 million members make sure you keep your profile u to date,

Evernote – You can capture anything you need from voice notes, to web pages Evernote helps me remember everything.  You can save items to your account, which can be accessed from almost anywhere.

GroupMe – A great app that allows you to chat with everyone you need.  It’s free, and can help you come together as a group via text message, works with most phone, via push or SMS.  Whether using GroupMe to discuss travel plans, or coordinate another event is works great.

FB Pages Manger Lite – This app allows you to update, delete, share your status, update pictures, check messages, respond to messages, and more on your Facebook Pages.  Another perk is that you can pin your pages to your home screen!  If you have multiple pages that can come in handy.

SkyDrive – I honestly don’t know what I would do without mine.  It’s the perfect place to store files, and access them from any device that you have SkyDrive installed on.  Whether it’s pictures, or Office Docs everything is where you need it when you need it.

Google Drive on WP – Another great app for anyone who uses Google Drive.  It allows you to download your Google Drive files to your Windows device.

UnfollowSpy – If you are losing Twitter followers this app can help you find out who they are, and even unfollow them right from the app.

Bloggie – This is an online community that allows user to share blog posts to get more views, ratings, and options.  When you add your blog post Bloggie helps promote them.  The more of your own posts that you add, and ratings you give other posts the more visibility you get.  They also have a Hero Bloggie, which is someone who is featured for being active in their community.  I have not tried this app, but thought it sounded interesting.

Funnel – Funnel is a great app if you’re planning on doing a DIY, craft, cooking, and etc. post.  It’s a great way to turn your pictures into a story.

InTheKnow – Ever want to check on your Google Analytics, but not at the computer?  Get InTheKnow it’s a Google Analytics app that will help you check on your blog stats while on the go.

WP AdSense – If you currently run AdSense on your blog, you might enjoy checking your AdSense Dashboard from your Windows Phone.  Users can video current earrings, click-through rate, CPC, page views and more.

Windows Phone Insider – Get all kinds go freebies, plus keep up with news for your Windows Phone.

Whether you are searching for apps to help you blog on the go, or apps to help you lose weight there are plenty out to available.  Another app I have been using a lot of is AppSocial by Nokia.  I have been writing about it on Jenns Blah Blah Blog.  It’s been fun, and helped me discover some great apps that I might have never found if I was not part of the AppSocial community, and worth the download.  What are some of your favorite apps?

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