Some Career Options in Education You May Not Have Thought Of

Being a teacher is not the only job you can have in education, although it is one of the most common. The fact is that education is a wide-open field encompassing such disciplines as sports, history, government, and foreign relations. To that end, here are a few career choices in education that you may not have thought of.

Policy Maven

There’s a lot of policy and legalese that goes into education. Furthermore, issues vary on the international, national, state, regional, and local levels. The policies that people propose, write, and enact affect special education, early education, and really, all kinds of education.

The people who get to write and decide policy hold many job titles. Examples are:

  •          Dean
  •          Elected official
  •          Admissions director
  •          Principal
  •          College president

If you love policy and education, you might make a great policy maven. A high-level degree helps you get places; Maryville’s doctoral degree in education lets you earn a degree in 32 months and offers classes such as Understanding Data and Analysis, Strategic Change & Innovation, and Leadership in Higher Education.


It’s easy to burn out in teaching and in other leadership positions. Teachers seem to have more demands on their time than before, must know more, and wear more hats. Fortunately, writing offers an alternative career path in education. For example, education bloggers can monetize their blogs and carve out niches on diverse topics such as special education policy, crafting lesson plans, classroom management, teaching students in poverty, and much more. It is even possible to do writing as a second job on top of a main education job.

Motivational Speaker

Education is not just for kids. It’s for adults of all ages too. Motivational speakers strive to inspire audiences on a variety of topics such as finances, relationships, kids, and, of course, education. However, you don’t need to speak on education in order to teach adults about any one of a rich array of issues.


Cool products abound in learning and education. They include:

  •          Games and educational apps for smartphones
  •          Stuffed animals that talk and sing
  •          “Old-fashioned” building blocks
  •          Online prep classes for big tests

If you have an entrepreneurial mindset, there are many things you can do in the educational field. If you already have a background in education, you’ve likely identified areas of need and can work on addressing these needs.

Educational Sign Language Interpreter

The duties of educational sign language interpreters, often called ASL interpreters, tend to vary depending on the school level. For instance, preschool or elementary interpreters may double as paraeducators and help students learn how to use an interpreter. At the middle school and high school levels, they may be more strictly in an interpreter role.

In any case, there is always a need for qualified interpreters in schools. For more advanced classes, you may be required to read textbooks and review the material to ensure you can accurately interpret it. For lower-level classes such as those in elementary schools, tutoring may be part of the job.

Information Technology Specialist

Schools and educational offices need folks to set up and handle their information technology. You can collaborate with administrators, teachers, students, and others to determine the software and computer solutions that best meet their needs. You could also give training seminars on how to use the technology.

Education Technologist

If you would like a more hands-on role in education than you would get in information technology, it is possible to get a degree in educational technology. Such a degree could enable you to work as an educational software consultant, distance learning director, or e-learning developer, among other jobs.

Needless to say, education is not just for teachers and principals. If you love video games, you can get in on education. Ditto if you love technology, entrepreneurship, or many other fields.

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