Congrats Kristi from Finding Ninee

Jenn from Jenn’s Blah Blah Blog and Michelle from Swank Savings helped choose our WIB winner ..For those of you who want to learn more about what we did for the month of October, you can visit our WIB Announcement Post.  We’ve decided to bring a little fun to Pink Ninja by offering our readers the chance to win awards for what they do best….

The WIB Award was given to Kristi over at Finding Ninee… If you haven’t visited Finding Ninee, you really should swing by.  Kristie write about parenting, and her lovely son Tucker, it’s great there’s posts that make you want to cry, another other that make you almost pee your pants it’s so funny.  Really head over and meet Kristi and Tucker, you’re going to love them….

Here’s a little from our WIB Winner, Kristi:

Blogging Finding Ninee allows me to share my son Tucker’s battle with a speech and language delay. I hope to reach parents in similar situations so that they know they’re not alone in a world where a three-year old asking for something as simple as a cookie takes great effort. I find comfort when friends and strangers enjoy hearing about the variety of techniques we use to encourage Tucker to speak. It makes me smile out loud when somebody appreciates an embarrassing mommy moment, because we all have those. With typical kids or not. Most importantly, there’s something about sitting down to write that takes the focus away from the day’s chaos and helps me to remember to appreciate my little boy just the way he is. To relish each moment of his childhood.

Special thanks to Kristi, she’s an awesome mom and a wonderful blogger!  Join me in saying Congrats to Kristi and Tucker from Finding Ninee.

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