Cricket Info On The Cricket Apps

Now when everything is about apps, then why do you think cricket will be far behind? Therefore cricket came up with this bundle of apps which will help the cricket lovers stay in touch with the game wherever they are. It is just that as long as their data package is working they are able to get every minute details of the game through these apps. If you have been following the game through various sites like – here comes the app which will provide you with all the information right on your smartphone. These cricket apps haven’t restricted themselves to the cricket score only instead they have ventured into new paths as well. Therefore, if you are looking forward to some more information regarding cricket and the cricketers then these apps will provide you with that too. It is just like the websites that you follow for the live scorecards. These websites also have blogs, news and also gossips and so does the app. You won’t be missing out on anything as a matter of fact on the home page only you will find the scores, fun facts about cricket, news and several other special information. You will be delivered your favorite stories through a single touch and it is the latest way to get yourself updated with all the details about cricket.


Updated menu to provide updated news

If you loved the story, then on top like button is made available for you so that you can use it for the articles that you really liked. The menu is designed to provide you with updates at real time along with all other options. When you are in the home page you will find several other blogs, videos, fixtures and photos to help you go through the game once again, reliving the special moments of the games. The matches’ page has all the information about the games that are played on any particular date, therefore you can tap on any match that you want to see and it will come up with all the details of that particular match. You will be made available with all the interesting cricketing facts and most importantly, you will be able to go through the missed facts as well. You will be able to track down the present ranking of the team as well as the players. So all you information monger who wanted to know who is leading the chart as a team or as an individual, then you will get the information right there in the app itself and for that you don’t need to look through various websites.

With the new match center you will be made available the summary of the scorecard and if you need the information regarding full scorecard then also the information is available right away. Event filters are there for your benefit along with full match coverage right at match center. If you are in love with the wagon wheel, then you will find it in the app as well.

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