A Degree In Social Media?

A degree in social media helps graduates land first positions as social media strategists or community leaders of an Internet-based community. Graduates with the social media degree can also qualify for positions in search engine optimization (SEO) or search engine marketing (SEM). The successful candidate usually has some familiarity with web development/web design, affiliated marketing, and tools like hand-coding (to update or post on a web page). 

An understanding of metrics on the web and knowledge about page views and pay-per-click campaigns is very helpful. Social media is one of the important tools for developing customers or prospective customers by attracting individuals and businesses to a community of those with a similar focus. The University of Florida (UF) is one of my schools that now offer a degree in social media. 

vector image of businesswoman using laptopSocial Media Marketing Programs

It’s important to identify accredited universities and colleges with a degree program in manage social media because not all institutions of higher learning offer this degree. Students still in high school should ask a guidance counselor about schools which offer these programs. Most colleges and universities look for well-rounded students with a minimum GPA of 2.5. Some programs are taught online by unaccredited schools, so it’s important to determine the quality of the college or university offering this program.

Intern Roles

Some people interested in social media positions identify intern opportunities at interactive or digital agencies or at a company with a direct social media outreach program. An intern position can show the potential student’s initiative and desire to work in social media marketing. It’s also one of the best ways to learn how to use many of the tools of the trade. Intern positions are most often unpaid roles, but the time and energy spent as an intern can pay off with the experience necessary to compete against other qualified candidates for desired social media marketing roles after graduation.

Portfolio Development

Earning a degree in social media is one of the best ways to develop a cutting-edge portfolio. As the student learns various skills at college, he or she should keep digital files and hard copies of ads written for social media sites, pay-per-click program results or examples of social media communities or forums developed for a website. Successful candidates usually find multiple job opportunities to work as agents or directly for clients engaged in social media marketing.

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