Don’t be stuck without an evening gown ladies!

My husband and I have a fancy dinner this next weekend.  It might sound bad, but I cannot remember the last time I have needed to dress for a fancy dinner like this.  Since I left my job I have been enjoying the jeans and t-shirt look, and loving it I might add.

Dancing GirlLet me explain why I’m telling you about this.  While I was looking in my closet to figure out what I am going to wear to our dinner meeting, I realized I do not have a evening dress to wear.  I used to have several very nice evening dresses, but when we moved I gave them away rather than toting them around.  Truthfully I was planning on purchasing a few new evening dresses that fit my style more since I did not need to attend events for work anymore.  I totally spaced until today while I was digging through my closets that I loaned them out several months back.  Since then we have moved, and the chances of getting the dresses back are slim to none considering they are several hundred miles away.

One thing I have learned is that ever lady should have an evening dress in their closet that fits them, and they feel attractive in.  It’s likely there will be a day when you need one, and the last thing you want to worry about is not having anything to wear to an important event.

There’s several different styles of women’s evening dresses choosing the right one for you can get stressful.  Here are few tips I always consider before I purchase women’s evening dresses.

Price – It’s always the first thing I look at.  Being a mother of four children it’s something that plays a major factor in all my decisions.

Color – I always want something that is going to make me feel attractive.  Blacks are my favorite.  It’s a nice classy color that can be worn different ways

Length – In my opinion it depend on the occasion whether I choose to go with a full-length.

Multiuse – I’m not sure if this will pertain to you, but I use my evening gowns for different reasons so I always try to purchase an evening gown that can be worn for a nice fancy event, yet can be toned down for a night out with my husband.

To sum it up ladies, don’t be stuck without an evening gown of some kind in your closet.  There’s tons of womens evening dresses out there that are affordable and super cute, grab one before you get caught gown less like me.

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