Earn Cash Back With Jingit

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Have you heard of  yet?  It’s a website that allows users to earn cash form their favorite brands.  Earn cash back offers when you purchase products and earn cash!  With Jingit Offers, you can scan your recipe of participating products, and earn money!  It sounds like a pretty fabulous way to shop! 

Earn Cash Back With Jingit

You can also watch videos, provide feedback, and earn cash instantly!  When you’re just hanging out waiting for the noodles to boil, pull up Jingit Online – Jingit.com or their partners websites, click on the logo and the ad pays you!  Remember anytime you see the Jingit Logo online on the Jingit website or one of their partners website click on the ad to earn more cash!

The App

You can download the app and earn while you are in the store!  You’ll have the same earnings and content that’s online, but it’s on your smartphone or tablet. You can download the Jingit app and even earn for checking in at some of your favorite stores!  I think I’m going to have to download this app, make money for stopping!  I’m great at shopping lol.

I am all about the digital offers!  Jingit offers a personalized cash back offer, which means no papers cut from cutting coupons.  So before, you go to the store, take a few minutes and plan your shopping trip.  You can reserve offers, create a shopping list, and create a plan of attack that is going to earn you the most money!  Your shopping list is organized by Jingit, which helps you redeem cash back offers, shop for reserved offers, and keep track of pending offers. 

I’m all about points, and saving money, but when it comes down to it having the actual money in hand sounds pretty awesome, plus it’s going to make my shopping trip easier, and it sounds like more fun!

Download the Jingit app, and take advantage of this great offer!  Get $2.50 when you purchase Old Wisconsin® 4 ounce Turkey Bites PLUS any Irish Springs® or Speed Stick® GEAR™ product at Walmart, watch the video and provide feedback!

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Don’t miss out on your chance to GEAR UP™Fuel Up, and earn by visiting Jingit.

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