Ever Think About A Career In Accounting?

Are you satisfied with where your accounting career is right now? If so, will you remain satisfied with that career if you remain where you are right now for the next five or ten years? If your answer to either of those questions is no, it is time to take action to kick your career to a more satisfying level. Even if you are happy with your level of success right now, you have to do something bold if you want to ensure growth and continued satisfaction in the upcoming years.

Make money conceptProve Your Value

What can you do to prove to your current employer that you are a high-value employee that they should invest in a bit more? Think about the where you would like to be within the company in the future and brainstorm ways to prove that you have what it takes to excel in those positions. If you can prove that the company will benefit from moving you into a higher position, paying you more, or allowing you to travel more, then they are likely to give you what you want eventually.

Prepare for Change

If you don’t see a thriving future career with your current employer or you dream of leaving the field for something that gives you more pleasure, it is time to prepare for the career move you know that you need to take eventually. One of the best ways to do this is to earn your MBA in accounting.
There are three reasons you may consider this route:

An MBA gives you skills that are transferrable to many different fields. Even with the specialization in accounting, you can use this degree to qualify for many executive positions with different companies.
This advanced degree gives you a competitive advantage over other job applicants. You will have business and managerial skills that many accountants without an MBA cannot offer an employer.
Your ambition and dedication to higher education will impress many employers and give them greater confidence in your ability to take their business to the top.

Ask and You May Receive
The best way to let someone know what you want is to tell them what you want directly. You may not want to barge into the boardroom and demand a massive raise, but you may consider telling your boss in a polite, professional manner why you deserve a raise. Prove your value to the company and to other companies, and you are likely to get what you need to further your career.

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