Finally a Game to Help Conquer Bullying

Hello everybody!
My name is Charlie and I’m in indie game developer. I’m also the creator of The Critterverse (, a silly, cute kid-safe game site. One day, it hit me… Why not try to make the world a better place with games? Games are being argued over as art forms, and one of the best things about art – movies, music, painting, etc. – is that they can make people think about things and re-evaluate life. Why not do that with a game? Why not make a game to help conquer bullying?
The Adventures of Rubberkid is a colorful, cute game for elementary school children. The aim of the game is to show the player the consequences of bullying. Each level focuses on helping a particular child (or children). Once helped, the player gets to see more info about them… The most important being “What Would Have Been” if the bullies continued and “But Since You Helped”, what they’ll do with their life. This clearly demonstrates the terrifying results of bullying! Don’t just take my word for it, though, you can actually try it out:
Since the point of the game is to help conquer bullying, it’d be silly to charge people money to play it… So the game is entirely free! Instead of charging people to play it, it’s being funded with Kickstarter. The campaign has a low funding goal ($750) but some great stretch goals too: First the game would be translated into Spanish, then French… Then a “Cyberbullying Edition” would be made (aimed at teens), a children’s book and even a comic! With all that, pretty much everyone should be reached with the message 🙂
I really want to make this project succeed; bullying is easily one of the worst things that exists, and it’s something that affects everyone in some form. Since I started this campaign, I’ve heard such terrible stories about children being bullied… I’ve had one lady tell me that her child was beaten right in a classroom and the school did nothing about it. Another said that the same happened to her, and she was told it was supposed to “teach her a lesson.” These are the things that people have had to just “suck up” and “live with” because it’s just “part of life.” If you’re sick of it being a part of life like I am, please stop by and check out the campaign! Even if you you can’t contribute anything, it would mean the world to me if you tell friends about it, share about it on Facebook, anything!

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