Five Tips To Help You Successfully Sustain Your Career

All entrepreneurs must start somewhere, and it is essential that you as a future business owner learn how to maintain a skill set that is concurrent with the needs of both employers as well as clients in the modern business landscape. In order to cultivate the skill set, it is sometimes necessary for an individual to first obtain employment under another banner rather than simply going straight into business ownership. Andrew Sasson has written many articles about just this topic, and the following article will detail some of his best advice for keeping a job so that when you become a business owner, you can hold onto your clients as well.
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It is one thing to get the job; it is quite another to keep it. With companies all over the map looking for any way possible to cut costs, younger graduates that will work for less money are all the rage. If you are looking to sustain your career, then you must absolutely strategize a way to make yourself untouchable in the eyes of your employer.

Below are just a few of the ways in which people have successfully sustained their career through careful strategy and hard work.

1 – Learn the latest skills in your industry.

Employers today are looking for a specialized skill set. Although this alone will not guarantee you your job forever because anyone can be taught, it is much easier to keep a person who takes it upon himself to learn new technologies.

2 – Wear many hats.

Go above and beyond your job description. Learn your business from the top to the bottom and play the understudy for anyone who needs it. When your boss sees that the business literally cannot run without you, you will have a much better chance at a long career at the same company.

3 – Get the right education.

Believe it or not, there is actually a curriculum that can teach you how to sustain your current career. An MU Sustainable Development Masters is your classroom for learning how to stick around when everyone else is getting let go.

4 – Be a closer.

Whatever the rest of the business is doing, you make sure that you bring in the money. Bosses love what they can quantify. The more that you can constantly add to the bottom line, the longer you will be able to stay at your company.

5 – Stand up for yourself.

Believe it or not, you should not grovel in order to keep a job. If you act like you are constantly going to get fired, then you are bringing that fate to yourself. Who wants to work with someone who is constantly looking over his shoulder and asking validation of everyone else? Keep a good attitude and make sure that you have other options on the table. It never hurts to let your boss know in a roundabout way that you may have had another offer from a competitor – a little jealousy never hurt anyone and it can help you a great deal.

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