Four Reasons Radio Marketing Is Not Dead

In today’s world social media has taken over, and we often forget about other ways of marketing.  Regardless everyone still listens to the radio.  Even the local stations.  Whether it’s to find out about the weather, news, or events that will be taking place.  Radio marking is still an awesome choice for stirring up some buzz about your brand or business.  Here is two reason to use radio marketing

Everyone listens

Music is something most of us listen to, which means generally we hear the commercials too.


Radio Marketing allows you to target a message to a certain geographic in any area you choose.  If your looking to market country western boot, than you would generally choose a country western radio station to submit your commercial to.

Every car

Typically cars have radios.  You cannot watch TV, or use your smartphone while driving to work, and if you are don’t.  It’s extremely dangerous, and why we have radios in the car.  Plus you never know what type of information you’ll hear.  Things such as sales, entertainment, happenings, etc.


You choose what time your commercial will go live.  Are you trying to get everyone as they get off work?  Maybe you’ll want to consider lunch time.  Either way you choose the timing.

If you’re been contemplating using Radio Marketing, I say give it a shot.  The cost is less expensive than running a commercial on TV, and you’ll have an easier time connecting with the demographic you choose.

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