If A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words, How Many Words Is A Video Worth?

hand holds book of big ideaThey say pictures are worth a thousand words.  What do you think, can a picture speak 1000 words?  Personally I think a picture can tell a story to the right person.  When I look at an image I look at the fine details, the trees in the background, what someone is wearing, how their hair is put up, what is on the table, and anything else I can find.

In my opinion a picture can speak as many or as little words that is needed.  Do your images add value to your posts?  If you are not able to answer that with a 100% YES, than maybe it’s time to rethink your current images.  How much time are you spending choosing your royalty free image, maybe there should be a royalty free video clip instead.  Yes, video clips can help you get your point across, and add so much to your article.

I recently have started looking into royalty free video clips, and even a small video clip can can do something both words and images cannot.  They can explain a simple workout that if you would have attempted to use words would have come out confusing and jumbled.  They can also add something special to your post.  Say you’re talking about the zoo you’re family went too, and you’re explaining the animals.  adding a small video clip can take you readers to the next level, they can feel what you’re saying, and better understand the emotions you felt.  Videos can also help draw people in and give them a better understanding of the subject at hand.

Once you drawn your readers in, and they are able to fully understand, and feel what you’re article means they will stick around.  In the long run, if you use not only images they way they are intended people will stick around.  Remember if an image speaks 1000 words, you can afford to leave out at least two… If an image speaks that much than can one only imaging how many words a video speaks…

Do you include high quality royalty free video clips in your blog posts?

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