Is Baby Formula Feeding An Alternative To Breastfeeding?

It is a known fact that all new mothers go through the phase where they are breastfeeding their new born babies. It is one of the most significant as well as necessary requirements for the growth as well as proper development of your child. It is believed that babies who are breastfed for at least 6 months of their life are stronger, healthier as well as sharper as compared to kids who are not at all breastfed. Usually physicians suggest that a new mother must breastfeed her baby for the first 6 month and after that, she can move on to other alternatives, such as soups and Nutrilon baby milk powder formula. Not only is this of great relevance to your baby; rather a new mother also benefits from breastfeeding and it safeguards her from a number of diseases including breast cancer.

Everything you need to know about Nutrilon baby formula

Usually infant formula is made from fresh cow’s milk and that is especially treated for the purpose of consumption by small babies only. It is suitable to be consumed by babies and is a great alternative to mother’s milk. There are several factors due to which a woman will be unable to breastfeed her baby. Health conditions, the consumption of certain medicines, post- partum depression as well as lack of lactation can lead to circumstances where a woman is not physically fit to feed her new born child on her own. In all such situations, new parents are bound to search for the best alternatives of mother’s milk and Nutrilon baby formula is the best product they can find in the market.

Normally, there are several baby formula brands available in the market and since these focus towards proper nutrition as well as health of the baby, these baby formulas meet all regulatory legal standards. The cow’s milk which is used in the preparation of Nutrilon baby milk powder is usually concentrated with two of the best proteins which are required for baby’s proper development, namely Casein as well as Whey.

Types of baby formula

Normally there are two different kinds of baby formula found in the market. These are differentiated on the basis of their way of preparation.

  1. Infant formula in the form of a powder. This kind of baby formula is not sterile in nature.
  2. Infant formula in liquid form. It is ready to feed and is basically sold in layered cartons. This kind of infant formula is always sterile in nature.

First infant feeding formula

As the name suggests, this is the very first formula that is fed to a new born baby in case the new mother is physically unfit to feed the baby. As compared to other kinds of non- sterile feeding formulas found in the market, the Nutrilon baby milk powder is made of nothing other than cow’s milk and is very easy to digest for the new born baby. In case the mother is facing issues with breastfeeding, this is the best first baby formula that you should feed your little bundle of joy soon after birth.

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