Product Review Opportunity (US & Canada)

Bloggers, Pink Ninja Media has an awesome Product Review Opportunity for several bloggers that live in the United States and Canada!  I bet you’re wondering the same thing I was –  WHAT’S A HOO RAG?   I think a better question would be what isn’t a Hoo Rag!

A Hoo Rag is the better bandana.  Hoo Rags are perfect for runners, hikers, adventure racers,  snow boarders/skiers, mechanics, motorcyclists,  anglers, or anyone who loves the old fashion bandana.   Hoo Rags can even be customized to show your brands logo.

A Hoo Rag is a seamless bandana!  Grab your Hoo Rag in many different designs and colors!

A Hoo Rag can be used for so many things such as:

  • Pony Tail Rag
  • Face Rag
  • Alice Rag
  • Balaclava Rag
  • Head Band Rag
  • Neck Rag
  • Pirate Rag
  • Neck Warmer Rag

WOW!  You can use them for just about anything.

We’re looking for several bloggers to review the Hoo Rag.  Swing by and learn more about Hoo Rags, and check out their YouTube video, explaining the Hoo Rag, and everything that can be done with it!  If you’re interest in reviewing The Hoo Rag, please fill out the Hoo Rag Review Application.

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