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Are you a fashion blogger?  Interested in an amazing review opportunity on your blog?  Have you heard about Glass Handbag?  These handbags are amazing, valued up to $1000 and Pink Ninja Media is currently looking for fashion bloggers to review a handbag of their choice on their blog, share on social media networks, provide 2 links back to Glass Handbag website, and enjoy their new handbag.

About Glass Handbag

Glass Handbag the ultimate in style, function & design. When you open your beautiful designer handbag, purse or evening clutch it casts a functional, uniform pale blue light evenly within. Our top brand handbag selection of Glass Handbag products includes:

  • Beautiful Leather Handbags
  • Shimmering Gold Purses
  • Clamorous Crystal Clutches
  • Radiant Jewel Patent Satchels
  • Silver Evening Clutches
  • Stylish and Roomy Duffel Bags

So what sets Glass Handbags apart from all the rest?  Their rationale, beautiful, as well as the patented glow you’ll get from your radiant Glass Handbag.  The light is an amazing feature that you will not find anywhere else.

Have you ever been out at night and had to dig around for your keys, lipstick, etc in your handbag.  It’s like a black hole, where does everything go?  I am sure you have been there.  Out at night, oh look you need something from your handbag.  It’s dark, you start digging around in your handbag and find nothing.  Next thing you know, you’re balancing your handbag on your knee, and holding your cell phone inside for some light.  If your phone is like mine, by the time I get situated the light turns off and I start all over again, this time with the handbag on the ground.

Really, who wants to set their bag on the ground to find something?  Your Glass Handbag light is bright enough to see everything inside and stays on until you close it up . It’s really that easy, the light in an amazing light blue.  They’re fabulous!!!!!!

One link will be the Glass Handbag home page, the second will link to the handbag your review.

If you’re interested in reviewing one of the luxury bags from Glass Handbag, please fill out the form below.  We are currently seeking 5 fashion bloggers for this opportunity but may be looking for more in the near future.

If you’re interested in reviewing a Glass Handbag on your blog, please fill out the form below.


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