Social Networking By CEOs

The corporate world has been drastically transformed thanks to the development of the internet. Social media in particular is responsible for making corporations more transparent and accessible to average people. In other words, corporate meetings behind closed doors are no longer as private as they were years ago. Social networks are used to share information in real time about what’s exactly going on within a company. Successful CEOs and other highly ranked individuals understand the power of social media in today’s high tech digital world.

A corporation can make itself more appealing in consumer’s eyes by being active on social media. Regular hard working people want to have the chance to get a glimpse into the corporate hierarchy that dominates the global economy. Executives are actually thrilled to get the opportunity to share information with ordinary people that may not even be customers. Of course, loyal patrons of a company are interested in following leaders such as executives that are active on social media.

First and foremost, a corporation wants to post as much positive content on social media as possible. This can be achieved by uploading articles that include acclaim and approval from third party companies, institutions and individuals. A business can also boast any features on media such as television. For example, an executive of a corporation may be invited to a news show or a talk show. A short clip of the appearance can be posted onto a social media site and shared with loyal followers. 

Social networks also create a human element to executive positions that often seem remote from the real world. There is actually an executive’s face that can be recognized by people. Additionally, social media can make a CEO a household name based on certain posts and trends. Interesting videos may go viral and create some positive feedback for a company. A CEO may be caught on camera showing off his or her lighter personality by dancing and having a good time somewhere. By the same token, CEOs need to try and avoid any negative publicity that may result videos and quotes being taken out of context. 

Successful corporate executives that use social media can expect other people to reply and share certain posts. Some CEOs may choose to interact directly with online users by responding to questions and other requests that may even influence company policy. Even live web sessions might be held between high ranking business leaders and ordinary citizens. 

Of course, social media can also be used to post content that is strictly business. For example, the latest exchange rates for various markets may be uploaded to show off a company’s success. Short term reports such as quarterly profits are also part of potential posts to be uploaded on social media by corporate leaders. John Ferraro Ernst and Young is an example of a smart CEO that uses social networks to his advantage. 

A social media account of an executive may be a target of cyber threats and hacking. Therefore, such important people should be aware of any potential attempts to compromise his online reputation. Cyber security measures should be taken to fully safeguard the social network account of a successful CEO. Additionally, inappropriate posts that seem too personal should not be shared with the rest of the curious world.

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