How to be a Successful Ecommerce Merchant

In order to become a successful ecommerce merchant, you must be willing to take on a rigorous schedule that is never-ending. Unlike brick & mortar stores, the internet never closes, not even for holidays, which means that you always have to be on the ball.

business_110008020-012914-intThe first order of business is to recognize that part of running an online business is become more than a salesperson – you’re now a marketer. You need to optimize your website for search engine rankings, and optimize your social media presence, in order to be able to market yourself to people. The better your website is designed and constructed for SEO purposes, the higher its ranking will be in search engines, which means that more people will see it in listings when searching using relevant keywords.

Being an online merchant also means that you will have to become a publisher. Get familiar with a content management system such as WordPress, because you’ll be spending a decent amount of time writing great content to publish on your website, as well as elsewhere. Ideally you should be updating your website several times per week, and also writing guest articles that can be published elsewhere.

You will also need to become familiar with many common SEO terms and SEO-related campaigns, such as CPM (cost per impression) and PPC (pay per click) advertising campaigns. You’ll be living and breathing keywords, and as you determine the right keywords to use you’ll be constructing campaigns accordingly.

You’ll need to learn about web design, or hire a company to handle your web design needs for you. But remember, SEO comes into play with web design, too. Poor coding and improperly formatted text can result in a messy website that may look okay, but won’t perform well from an SEO perspective. Make sure that your ecommerce store design is SEO-friendly, and keep it updated regularly with information on products and services that will attract traffic and search engines alike.

More than anything, being a successful ecommerce merchant means continually pushing forward, even when sales drop and you’re dealing with competition on your heels. If you work hard, you’ll succeed.

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