Three Tips To Keeping Happy Customers

Keeping your customers happy

Things can get stressful when you run a business, and there are plenty of times you work more than the typical 8 hours.  I’m sure you have taken work home with you, and been up in the early morning hours finishing things up because they needed to be finish.  It’s part of keeping up with our business, but what about keeping our customers happy.

3d word SolutionI am sure you would agree, without customers businesses wouldn’t service so it’s important that we handle our customer relationship management with gloves.  Here are a few things to think about.

Hire people who care.  The people you hire represent your company, they should treat the customers as if they are signing their paycheck.  In a way they are, without those customers there would be no paycheck.

Be sure your employees are happy.  Talk to them, ask for their option, and let them know they matter and you care.  When an employee is happy it shows in their work – your customers will notice.

Be sympathetic.  I have heard it 1000, be empathetic, not sympathetic.  There is a difference, and I think there is a time for both.  It’s important that we understand and relate to our employees when something is wrong.  We need to get to know who is working for us.  When there is a good business relationship between you and your employee things will run smoother.  Now I am not saying take them out to the bar.  Simply ask about their weekend, joke, smile, and get to know them on a business level.  Become their work friend, but keep enough distance you can still be the boss.

It can be difficult to be the boss and be a friend, but when it’s done in an effective manner you will have a happy team, which mean happy customers.


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