Tips To Extend The Life of a Vehicle

Instead of investing thousands of dollars in the purchase of a new car, motorists should focus on keeping their current vehicle running in excellent condition. Most vehicles can last for a long time if they receive the proper care. Here are five car care tips to extend the life of a vehicle. 

Tips To Extend The Life of a VehicleTips To Extend The Life of a Vehicle

Keep the fluids topped off
While most drivers understand the importance of motor oil, the other vehicle fluids are just as important. The brake, transmission and power steering fluids, as well as the engine coolant, all play a vital role in the longevity of a vehicle. A low level of fluid typically indicates the presence of a leak, so be sure to have the leak repaired as soon as possible. Keeping the various fluids topped off will help to prevent mechanical problems.

Use genuine OEM auto parts
Even the most durable vehicle will eventually need to have a few parts replaced. Although aftermarket parts are typically cheaper, they are usually not as durable. The best approach is to stick with using genuine original equipment manufacturer, or OEM, auto parts. Genuine OEM replacement parts are identical to the factory-installed components. The enhanced quality of these parts also preserves the value of the vehicle.

Always pay attention to the check engine light
An illuminated check engine light should always warrant some concern. Fortunately, all vehicles manufactured after 1995 are designed with an OB2 diagnostic system. Car owners can plug a code reader into the diagnostic port to determine the cause of the check engine light. By getting the issue fixed in a timely manner, the motorist can prevent serious trouble in the long run.

Do not drive with an overheated engine
A stuck thermostat and a busted coolant hose are just a couple of the things that can cause an engine to overheat. If the temperature gauge begins to approach the red zone, shut down the engine immediately. Promptly turning off the vehicle will prevent the engine from becoming damaged. If properly maintained, the average engine can easily last for 250,000 miles or more.

Drive cautiously
Cautious driving will prolong the life of a vehicle. One way to prevent unnecessary wear and tear is to avoid revving the engine while idling. When approaching a speed bump or railroad crossing, remember to slow down. Obtaining a wheel alignment is also an important aspect of auto care in Winston-Salem.

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